3/28/08 Notice:I have not had Vonage service for at least two years, and I seriously doubt that this script will work with the current version of their website.

vmail.pl is a simple interactive Perl script that lets Vonage subscribers manage their voicemail from the console. Vonage voicemail is available to subscribers on the company website, and this script automates the login process and eliminates the need to manually access the site with a resource-heavy browser and audio output plugin.

Features include a character mode mutt-like user interface, non-interactive batch mode operations, and both command-line and configuration file argument support.

Currently, vmail.pl relies on curl to download the messages and SoX for audio playback, and has only been tested on Linux.


You can download the current version of vmail.pl from Sourceforge.

Current version: vmail-0.3.3.tar.gz

Installation and Usage

Provided you have all the dependencies met, simply editing the path to perl in the script should be all you need to do to run it. The script looks for a ~/.vmail directory on startup, and if it does not find it, attempts to create one; temporary download files and the user configuration file (~/.vmail/config) are kept there. vmail.pl accepts several command line options – invoke as vmail.pl -h for details.


rxvt screenshot xterm screenshot


You will need Perl and the following CPAN modules in order to run the script:
Should already be available on most Linux distros, but the latest version for all platforms is available at http://curl.haxx.se. Make sure to get a version with SSL support.
Sox (http://sox.sourceforge.net) is also standard issue on most Linux distros.

Update History

03/28/2008 - Project officially marked inactive. I have not had Vonage phone service for at least two years, and I am sure that the script would not work with the current version of their website.

06/15/2005 - Added support for vi-style movement keys (h,j,k,l) and action shortcut keys.

04/04/2004 - Updated to handle changes in the Vonage web site code.

03/08/2004 - Bugfix release. Fixed bug preventing listen/delete actions when there is only one message.

02/22/2004 - Version 0.3 of vmail released. Major improvements, including a completely redesigned interface, batch-mode operations, command-line argument support and configuration file support.

01/19/2004 - Initial Release


Feel free to contact me at hpainter [at] gmail.com with any comments, suggestions, or problems.

Justin Painter

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2008